Applicant : What documents do I need for verification and who sees my documents?

Getting your profile verified by the Yoopies team and your 'Verified Profile' stamp reassures employers that the information you have provided is accurate.

To verify you profile you will need to provide the following documents and upload them on the site:

  1. A copy of your ID (drivers licence or passport)
  2. A copy of relavent childcare qualifications and certificates (OFSTED, DBS, First Aid) mentioned in your profile or ad.

All your uploaded documents remain strictly confidential on the platform and only the Yoopies verification team will be able to see them.

Verifying your profile also gives you access to all the advantages of Premium membership for one week. Click here to find out more about Premium membership.

To verify your profile:

  1. Verifying your profile costs £4 and is paid only once
  2. Head over to 'My Ads' and click on 'Verify my profile' on the top right hand side of the page.
  3. Upload your ID (a clear photo please!) and any other relevant documents outlined in your profile or ad

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