Applicant: How do I create a profile that will attract more interest from employers?

If you are looking for a job and want more employers to show interest in your profile, follow these tips:

Your name:

Enter your real name rather than a nickname.


A photo is the first thing an employer will see. Upload a friendly and professional photo that clearly shows your face rather than a photo from distance or group picture.

Your schedule:

Specify your exact schedule so that employers can see if your hours are compatible with their needs before contacting you. Don't forget to keep your profile and ad up to date!


We do not ask for reference letters from former employers. To add references of previous employment, contact your former employers and ask them for a brief description of what you did. Profiles with references get 10 times more interest!

Make sure your ad is detailed, clear and professional. Try to avoid spelling or grammatical errors and use a friendly tone.


Finally, get the Yoopies team to verify your profile. The 'Verified' sticker will appear on your profile, which will be visible to families and will increase trustworthiness and your chance of landing a job.

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