Applicant: How do I report somebody?

You can report a suspicious person by going to their profile and clicking on 'Report this profile'.

When to report a profile?
  • If the parent wishes to pay you in advance or pay you outside the Yoopies platform.
  • If the parent offers wage that is too good to believe.
  • If the person uses rude language either on their profile, ad or messages
  • If the profile seems misleading or suspicious
In order to protect yourself from scams, we advise you to follow the following guidelines:
  • Use the Yoopies messaging system rather than platforms such as Whatsapp
  • Do not provide your email address anywhere on your profile, ad or messages
  • Do not send your CV, it can be presented at the interview stage
  • Never accept overly attractive wages
  • Never accept wages in advance
  • Only exchange with parents residing in your country
  • Go through our online booking system which will guarantee you secure online payment of all your services.

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