Employer: How much is childcare on Yoopies?

All childcare providers on Yoopies set their own prices for hourly care and additional charges. Their asking rate is displayed on their profile page.

Prices vary according to the type of childcare that you need, the hours that you need childcare for and the experience and qualifications that your chosen candidate has. Location also affects the price of childcare, for example Nannies in London cost considerably more than Nannies in Birmingham or Nannies in Manchester.

Typically Babysitters and Au Pairs are the least expensive type of childcare since they are not formally required to provide childcare qualifications or to be Ofsted registered, but that’s not to say they won’t provide excellent care and be the perfect solution to your childcare needs. Babysitters particularly can be very flexible to fit around your family's evolving needs.

Childminders tend to charge lower rates if they are looking after multiple children in their home at one time, but they are guaranteed to be Ofsted registered, fully DBS checked with many childcare qualifications.

Live in Nannies in London are highly sought after and provide the most expensive childcare. They provide round-the-clock care for families, and often have high levels of experience, up-to-date DBS checks and childcare training.

If you are returning to work or just need extra help with your little ones, the following should be considered before beginning your childcare search as it will greatly affect the cost of your childcare:

  • How much can I afford to spend on childcare?
  • How often do I need childcare?
  • Do I want childcare in my own home or away from my home?
  • Do I want someone with many years of experience, or am I happy with an less experienced au pair?
  • Am I willing to have my childcare live in my home?
  • The age of your children - a baby requires much more specialised care than a teenager
  • Where do you live? Childcare costs in London are higher than, say, Birmingham simply because the cost of living is higher
  • Am I eligible for Working Tax Credits or Childcare Vouchers?

Whichever type of childcare you need and wherever you are we advise you to discuss and agree your requirements and the costs with your Childcare Professional in advance.

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