Employer : How do I subscribe to Premium using the iOS 'Apple' App ?

  1. Go to your 'My account' area
  2. Click on 'Become Premium'
  3. Choose your subscription plan : 1 year - 3 months - 1 month
  4. Payment will be made directly through your Apple account

A Premium subscription allows you take full control of the booking process: from finding and getting in touch with an unlimited number of applicants, as well as booking and managing your selected caregivers with ease (currently only available for childcare bookings but soon to be rolled out across all of our services!).

Advantages include:

  • Free credits to use on childcare bookings (for 3 month + 1 year subscriptions only)
  • Unlimited contacts via our messaging system
  • Access to applicant phone numbers (for applicants that opt to make their number visible)
  • Ability to manage your selected caregivers' schedules and payments through our new 'My Employees' section
  • Access to reviews left by other users
  • Priority access to our customer support
  • Your ad boosted to the top of search results
  • · ... plus many more new exciting features to come soon!
You may cancel your subscription renewal at any time by clicking on this link and following the step by step instructions

In case you haven't found the answer you're looking for, feel free to contact us at contact@yoopies.com

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