Employer: What's the difference between profile types on Yoopies?

There are 2 different profile types on Yoopies: Verified and Unverified Profiles

- What is a verified profile?

Yoopies attaches a great deal of importance to ensuring the profiles on the platform are high quality.

The moderation team verifies all the information provided by applicants including: ID, contact number, childcare qualifications, experience and motivation. The applicant's profile will then appear as verified on the platform.

- What is an unverified profile?

An unverified profile is an applicant who's profile has not been moderated by the Yoopies team. If you're a Premium Employer don't hesitate to ask the Yoopies team to verify up to 3 applicant profiles that interest you. To do this, simply contact us by sending the name of your selected applicant.

- What is a Childminder?

A Childminder looks after your children at their own home and must have an OFSTED certificate to practise their profession. Childminders usually care up to four children from different families at the same time. However, the number of children may be higher depending on the size of the Childminder's house and their experience, subject to approval by OFSTED.

All Childminder profiles are verified on the platform. The team checks: ID, OFSTED certificate, contact number, experience, childcare qualifications and motivation.

Yoopies has multiple different types of childcare offered on the platform. You can find out more about the different types here

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