Applicant: What do I write in a message?

Top Tips for writing a message on Yoopies

Now you've got your profile set up, you're ready to start sending messages to Employers! So what are the best things to say? Here are our top tips to successful messaging on Yoopies

  1. Introduce yourself in a positive, warm and friendly tone. Remember your first message is the first impression you will create with an employer, so being professional and approachable is essential.
  2. Introduce yourself briefly: who are you and why are you applying for their ad.
  3. Personalise your message by refferring back to the ad you are applying to. If the employer is looking for someone who is great with babies, mention that you are an expert with babies in your message! If they need a maths expert, comfortable with homework help, highlight that you'd be happy to help with homework! If they need someone with experience, write a little about your experience.
  4. Remember that messages will automatically blur out your number and email. Premium employers are able to view your number automatically, similarly if you are a Premium member you can select to 'view number' of Employers.
  5. Keep safe! We reccomend not disclosing your address, personal details such as school, college or University or bank details on the platform. Only disclose the necessary information about yourself at final interview stage.
  6. Show your enthusiasm! After introductions, make sure to let your employer know you'd be happy to organise an interview at their next availability. This will show your willingness and motivation for the job.
  7. Remember to reply to messages! Even if you are no longer interested or available for their job ad, make sure to let the employer know. Responding to messages will boost your profile to the top of search results, helping you find a job 3x faster.
  8. Once you're happy to do a job, consider being booked on the platform! More information on the advantages of booking can be found here

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