Applicant: What does Yoopies offer for applicants?

Applicants on the platform are able to:

  1. Publish ads for their services
  2. Carry out unlimited searches using multiple criteria and geolocation tools to find jobs in your region
  3. Send an unlimited number of messages to employers

Profile Verification:

Yoopies offers the possibility to get your profile verified. The moderation team will check your ad, ID and qualifications stated in your profile. Having a verified profile reassures employers that the information provided on your profile is correct

Verification costs £4 and gives you access to all the advantages of Premium for one week. At the end of the week your Premium subscription will renew automatically at a price of £9 per month. You can however choose to stop your subscription at anytime on the platform.

Premium Subscription:

Premium offers you multiple benefits including:

  1. Your ad will appear in the top of employer search results
  2. Access to Employer contact numbers
  3. Read receipts of messages sent to employers

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