Applicant: How do I edit my ad?

To edit or complete your ad, go to your 'My Ads' page and click the small pencil icon (Edit Ad)

Remember an ad is one of the first things your future employer will see. Consider some of the following questions when writing your ad:

  1. Introduce yourself: who are you and how old are you
  2. A little bit about yourself: what are your hobbies, passions or interests? Are you a student? What do you currently do?
  3. Your ideal job: What job role are you interested in? What responsibilities are you comfortable with?
  4. Your past experience: Have you had a role in childcare, tutoring, pet-sitting, elderly care or tutoring before?
  5. Home care: What is it you most like about a job in childcare, tutoring, pet-sitting, elderly care or tutoring?
  6. Special skills worth mentioning!

An ad should be a minimum of 30 characters. Whilst there is no need to go in to extensive detail for pages and pages, writing a detailed paragraph about yourself will highlight to Employers you are serious and professional.

Don't forget to save the changes by clicking the "Finish" button found at the bottom of the page.

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